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Community Guidelines

musical.ly and live.ly are spaces to show off your creativity and express yourself through video. Musers live with passion and use the app for original creative expression around their interests and talents. The following guidelines help define what it means to be a community member on musical.ly and live.ly and are how you can help keep the community a safe, friendly, and fun place for everyone.

How to get the most out of musical.ly and live.ly

  • Create and share videos you love. Express yourself and your unique personality by creating entertaining videos that show off your interests! Singing, dancing, and comedy are some popular categories on musical.ly, but the sky’s the limit on your creativity. Our most popular musers post expressively about the topics they’re passionate about. Pro tip: Posting at least 3 times per week is a great way to build your following.
  • Build a profile that feels like you. Your profile is a place to share who you are, so have fun and tell your story! A full, creative profile is a great way to give your videos context and your fans someone to connect with.
  • Like, follow, and comment. Let other musers know you love what they’re creating! Supporting other musers is the best way to grow your community. A good rule of thumb is the more you give, the more you get.
  • Ask and answer questions. It’s always good form to interact with your followers and viewers. If they ask questions in the comments, go ahead and answer! If you’re watching someone else’s livestream, interact and ask them questions.
  • Say thank you. Whether a viewer gives you a gift or a compliment, a “thank you” is always nice to hear!
  • Report inappropriate content. Keep your community strong by letting us know when something violates the rules. To report a musical.ly video or live.ly stream, tap the button with three dots and then choose “Report.”
  • Be nice. Keep all interactions on musical.ly and live.ly positive. This is a friendly, safe community for self expression.
  • Have fun!

General safety guidelines

Violation of the following guidelines may result in your account and/or content being removed. We reserve the right to monitor and report content to authorities.

  • DO NOT use the app if you are under 13. As per our Terms of Service, musical.ly and live.ly are apps for users age 13 and over. Parents, please see here for more.
  • DO NOT post, share, or send explicit content, sexual content, or nudity. Our apps are not a place for any such graphic content.
  • DO NOT post, share, or send illegal content, threats, or hate speech. If you observe this sort of inappropriate behavior, please report it immediately.
  • DO NOT bully, harass, or disrespect other musers. If you feel someone is harassing you, please report them. You can also block someone from following you, remove them from your fans as well as making your account private (which allows you to approve or deny all follower requests).
  • DO NOT impersonate another person. You must not use someone else’s photo, name, or likeness.
  • DO NOT post someone else’s content. Content that is not yours should not be uploaded to musical.ly.
  • DO NOT post spam. This includes repetitive comments, content, reports, private messages, or actions designed to mislead or annoy anny members of our community.
  • DO NOT use misleading metadata. Metadata refers to any and all additional information provided on a video, such as the title, description, tags, annotations, and thumbnail. All metadata should be representative of the content contained in your video. Metadata added in an attempt to game search algorithms may lead to the removal of your video.
  • DO NOT post personal details. Let’s not mince words here: Social media is never the right place to post your home address, phone number, or any other personal details. Even if you have your musical.ly account set to private, please avoid posting any such personal information in your profile, videos, or livestreams.

We pride ourselves on having a positive, passionate, and fun community. Thank you for being great community members and helping make musical.ly what it is today!

If you have questions or want to tell us what’s on your mind, email us at support@musical.ly.

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